Next Homework Due March 8th.

Please research a city from one of the ancient civilizations we have been studying. Please write a 100 word descriptive blog like what we did in class with the photographs. Picture yourself there. Remember the five senses and descriptive language. Please include a photo in your blog of your city.

Museum Homework – Due 2/23

Hello. I hope you enjoyed our field trip to the museum. For Wed. I’d like you to write a 100 word blog on at least two items that you found interesting at the museum. You may write about more if you choose. Please give me some descriptive writing like what you did on the last theme test. Think about the five senses and adjectives! If you were unable to join us at the museum, please write a book summary.

Next Homework Assignment

Way to go on creating your first book review!  Now this week we will be getting into groups of four to form a book club.  You will now post a comment on all of the members of your club’s site.  So you should be visiting three sites and leaving some comments.  Here’s what you can say:

Have you read this book too, and if so, do you agree or disagree with the author of the post? Why?

If you have not read the book, does this blog increase your interest in reading it?  Why or why not?

Questions for the author of the post  (at least two!).

Does this book relate to another book you have read, and if so how?

Anything else that applies to the discussion.

Book Clubs

Today the students will be learning how to create book club blogs.  The first week they will be commenting on a book that they have read, or are currently reading.  The second week they will be commenting on the book blog from each person in their reading group.  These blogs need to be done by Tuesday of each week.